The WorkStation Pro

The WorkStation Pro is a portable work/tool surface that has a universal fit securing it to the top of most extension ladders. This provides the user an accessible work area for common use items at the top of a ladder. The Ladder Station provides increased surface contact to the structure its being used on, creating increased stability.

This product is made of extremely durable plastic, its UV resistant, with a non-marring low slip resilient cushion, which will provide you many years of use and project protection.

  • Allows the user the ability to utilize maximum ladder height with comfort and full upper body utilization without leg lock or reduced mobility.
  • The Caddy can lean to a roofs pitch because of its unique bull nose design allowing the ladder to be held away from the gutters preventing damage.
  • Provides a great work surface at the top of the ladder to allow the user to freely use their hands by having a place to set supplies and tools while in use.
  • The Caddy’s design allows you to visually see if the ladder is at the appropriate angle for optimum climb ability and safety.
  • This is a great product for any contractor or homeowner that uses a ladder. This revolutionary devise is a must have for all your home task or construction site needs.
  • The homeowners can use this Caddy for multiple household uses: Cleaning gutters, hanging holiday lights, painting, cleaning windows, miscellaneous repairs, etc.
  • The contractors will find many uses: gutters, windows, siding, and many more. Once they start using The WorkStation Pro they will never use a ladder without one again.
Contractor Use

This is a great product for any contractor or builder.

Perfect for installing or repairing:
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Satellite Dishes
  • and more
This revolutionary devise is a must have for all your construction site needs.